This is the #1 sauce in Latin Amerca for the meat lovers. Made originally in Argentina and Brazil it is a great sauce for BEEF, chicken or pork. It is made only using NATURAL and FRESH INGREDIENTS. No additives at all. It can also be used as a salad dressing. The format presented has 2 options: normal and spicy. Our Chimi Sauce it is exceptional due to the usage of virgin olive oil (best quaility) and wine vinegar. Its taste excels in all senses.  



This UNIQUE sauce in Asia is originally from Latin European countries as Spain, France and Italy (Boletus sauce). Many manufacturers in order to reduce cost use derivatives of mushrooms, taste enhancers, MSG or low quality palm oil adding a significant amount of additives as well. Our DOES NOT. 


This is the only one Mushroom Sauce which contains 30% fresh mushrooms (1st quality) and a 30% of pure olive oil. Our process of treating the mushrooms and combining them in a state of the art sauce takes this product to excellence fullfilling all the requirements of the most demanding consumers. 




The main difference beetween our pesto and others in the marketplace is its composition. With a generous portion of authentic parmesan cheese 1st quality, and a accurate selection of the best possible basil which adresses the Asian markets. Our pesto does not use the classic "Genovese" basil, instead uses a blend combination of more flavorful basils better adapted to Asian tastes. Other pesto seem unpalatable compaed to ours.  Our green pesto has no additives at all (compared with the ones in the market) and it has a shelf life of only 6 months compared with the regular 1.5-2 years of others. Unique and probably the best in Asia. 







Using an Indian recipe our Tikka Masala sauce uses only the best "paprika" and our special seasoned tomato mix.  This makes it UNIQUE and perfect for pouring into chicken, rice, etc. Other brands do not respect in general the original recipes and add extra additivies or taste enhancer, NOT OURS.  The real taste is the same as the one you get when you go to a first class Indian restaurant, the only one difference is that you can enjoy directly in 2 minutes preparation at home.  





Our brand MONRAY, is an EXCEPTIONAL line of product made in Thailand for Thai and ASEAN retailers. The preferences of young consumers are becoming more and more global and less local. Eating different products and recepis from other countries creates a sense of adventure, travel and global awareness which is today highly valued by young consumers. Most of these brands in South Asia are imported from far away locations (Europe, USA, etc.) deriving in quality problems  for retailers. These problems are solved working with us. 


1. We provide a perfect shelf-life timing of 6 months for re-selling. Not too long shelf life as others due to the utilization of too many additives which is not  good for consumers, not good for health.

2. Avoid logistic problems and out-of-stock issues due to international trade difficulties. We are close to you. We are here, just call us and get the product in 1 week, easy and fast.  Avoid return problems for breakages which are very usual with imported goods. We deliver fast and safe. 

3. Avoid artificially-expensive prices which make products difficult to rotate. These high prices do not always relate to the quality of the product itself but to the importation process. 

4. Big corporations can provide better marketing to retailers but also more artificial-industrial low-end products. We are small, home made, focused on high quality natural products and we want to keep on being like this. 

5. Working with us retailers benefit from a price-quality ratio much more competitive.